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Circle Lens Reviews

I could not be happier with Freshkon color fusions lenses in groovy green. It is the perfect green I have been searching for a while now.



When it comes to colored circle lenses, I much prefer the natural looking ones than the opaque ones. Freshkon groovy green lenses blend in with my natural dark brown eyes , yet it makes my eyes noticeably green. Unlike the NEO glamour green which is almost like a brownish-green that could be too natural looking  (click here for my review), Freshkon groovy green adds a perfect hint of green to my eyes, and I would still be comfortable wearing them out without feeling fake or looking too anime-ish.


Freshkon Groovy Green - natural lighting


Freshkon Groovy Green - with flash


close up - natural lighting

In terms of enlargement effect and comfort, please read my previous Freshkon posts.


Celebrities with circle lenses

by Reika on March 7, 2011

Circle lens has become the must have accessory for most Asian celebrities.  Just like clothes and handbags, I am sure all of you girls would like to check out what are the circle lenses the celebrities like to wear. I will feature a series of posts showing what they have been wearing lately.

Angelababy normally wears light brown colored circle lenses –  it is refreshing to see her wearing black lenses.

angelababy-circle-lens-1Angelababy in chocolate brown circle lens:

angelababy-circle-lens-2Angelababy in light brown circle lens:

angelababy-circle-lens-3Fan Bing Bing in dark gray circle lens:


Jolin Tsai in dark blue circle lens:


Lastly, the best selling circle lens goes to the dark green circle lens worn by Fei Wang when she was performing at Chinese New Year.



Acuvue Define Circle Lens

by Reika on February 23, 2011

If I could only wear 1 pair of circle lens for the rest of my life, it would be the Acuvue Define in Accent Style without a second thought. Just make sure you get them from respectable retailers.

I have used tons of circle lenses and this is by far my absolute favorite. So what makes Acuvue Define lenses stand out from the competition:

1. Acuvue advertised these lenses to be so safe and comfortable that you can even take a nap in them! I never buy into advertisements but I can honestly say they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE circle lens with my hand on my heart. Their unique technology guarantees comfortable wear all day long. Personally I don’t feel there is anything in my eyes when I wear them, actually there has been a few occasions that I totally forgot I had them on!

2. They are the most natural looking lenses. Sometimes less is more. The design of these lenses is really simple, it only has a dark ring that adds definition and sparkles to your eyes. The design is nothing attractive if you compare them with other fancy lenses in the market. On eyes, they just blended in with my natural eyes perfectly. The enlargement is so subtle and natural that no one has ever noticed of them.


The diameter is 14.2.acuvue-define-accent-style-lenses

They appear medium black under natural lighting:


Acuvue Define Accent Style - natural lighting

With flash or under direct sun light, they appear brownish black


Acuvue Define Accent Style_with flash


Acuvue Define Accent style_close up shot

3. Daily disposable. This is really convenient as I am tired of cleaning my lenses and lens cases all the time, and keeping track of their expiry dates.

The only drawback I can think of would be the price. They cost around $40 per box  and contain 30 lenses, which is equivalent to 15 days of wear. It can be quite costly if you wear circle lenses everyday.


FreshKon Alluring Eyes – Winsome Brown

by Reika on January 26, 2011

FreshKon Alluring Eyes winsome brown is categorized as circle lens by Freshkon. Different to the color fusions contact lenses, alluring eyes lenses are designed to give you bigger and brighter eyes. (see their Ad below). As I have mentioned in my previous Freshkon post, these circle lens have a water content of 55% as opposed to most other circle lens with only 38% water content. They can be worn for a long time without feeling dry and irritated.

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown Lenses

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown Lenses

Product Description:

Water Content: 55%

Base Curve:  8.6

Diameter: 14.2

Lens Type: Monthly Disposable

According to the product description, the diameter of the lens is 14.2, my all time favourite size for circle lens. To my surprise, they appear so much larger on my eyes than other brown lenses of the same diameter measurement. I am not sure if it is only happening to me, these lenses show through the white part of my eyes. (If you look at my pictures closely, you will notice a white dotted ring). That just shows how much bigger they are than my iris. I have never had this problem with other lenses.

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown - natural light

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown - natural light

Freshkon Alluring Eyes winsome brown before and after

Freshkon Alluring Eyes winsome brown before and after

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown Closeup

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown Closeup

Other than the big wow factor, alluring eyes winsome brown is the most beautiful dark chocolaty brown lens I have tried. They truly made my eyes dazzle in both real life and in photos.

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown_with flash

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown_with flash

Would I repurchase it? Probably not, the fact that the pattern design sees through is a big turn off for me. However I can imagine how beautiful they will look on girls with bigger eyes!


Freshkon is a very common contact lenses brand that you can find at any optometry shop. Most people may not be aware that not only do they make contact lenses but they also carry a few lines of circle lenses!

The lines they have are:

Freshkon @ alluring eyes: This line only comes in different patterns of blacks and browns, they look extremely natural on the models.

Freshkon @ color fusions: I bought quite a few different shades from this line recently. Strictly speaking, they are not circle lenses, the optometrist would tell you they are colored contact lenses. However being an Asian with relatively smaller iris compare to the Caucasians, I find they have an enlargement effect. The diameter of these lenses from this range is 14.2, which is the same as my favourite Neo Circle lenses.

Okay, my first review for Freshkon would be the Hippie Chestnut. Amazingly, this name is a very true description of the color, it just looks like the chestnut color! If I really have to describe them in my own words, it would be a light brown with a greenish-brown undertone. Okay, pictures speak louder than thousands of words.


Freskon Colors Fusion in Hippie Chestnut

My thought on Hippie Chestnut is they are extremely comfortable to wear (actually all Freshkon lenses are due to the 55% water content!). They definitely do make my eyes appear larger and brighter, in a natural way as I would prefer. They also photograph really well, however in real life, I do prefer it to be a slightly warmer brown (with more of an orange-hazel tone).


Freshkon Colors Fusion Hippie Chestnut-Day Light

The flash takes away the yellow tone, which makes them look even more greenish.


Freshkon colors fusion hippie chestnut-with flash


Freshkon colors fusion hippie chestnut closeup-with flash

I will do more reviews on the other Freshkon colored lenses that I have. I highly recommend the beginners to try them out as you can purchase Freshkon from your local optometrist. Most of them should be able to let you test a few pairs and decide on the shades you like, at a very small cost. More importantly, they will provide you some accurate advice in terms of handling and usage.


GEO Circle Lens – Angel Blue

by Reika on December 18, 2010

GEO circle lens are probably the most popular and most talked about circle lenses on the internet. Due to my curious nature, I always like to try overly hyped products. With no exception I have purchased quite a few GEO circle lenses in the past.

The GEO Angel blue makes my eyes appear too Big..almost too anime-sque. I kinda freaked out the first time I put them on, I was so sure people from miles away could spot my big dark blue eyes. These lenses are very opaque and I have a mixed feeling about opaque circle lenses. They do make me look very dolly-ish, and if you like taking pictures of yourself, opaque lenses are the best accessory to use to make your eyes pop. However they can come across as too fake in real life. I personally would never wear them out with new friends, as I can’t imagine how freaked out they will be.

GEO Angel Blue

GEO Angel Blue

As for the color, the blue tone is very subtle in natural light, it is more of black color with a hint of blue.

GEO Angel Blue_Natural Light

GEO Angel Blue_Natural Light

These lenses are great for photos, the blue tone really stands out when taking with flash.

GEO Angel Blue_with flash

GEO Angel Blue_with flash

GEO Angel blue close up 2_with flash

GEO Angel blue close up 2_with flash

GEO Angel Blue close up_with flash

GEO Angel Blue close up_with flash

Overall the GEO Angel Blue is not bad but it is not the best I have tried, as there are more and more brands coming up with better designs and are far more comfortable to wear. Have I mentioned I cannot wear the GEO angel blue for more than 4 hours…

Overall Rating: 6/10

Comfort: 5/10

Enlargement: 10/10

Pattern Design: 8/10


NEO Glamour Series – Gray

December 8, 2010

As much as I love the brown and the green ones from the NEO Glamour series, I have to say NEO glamour gray is quite a let down for me. The gray lens has the same pattern as the others, it is a tri tone of gray and brown with the outer ring in a […]

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December 2, 2010

This is my second review for Neo glamour series. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I like this series a lot because they are so comfortable to wear and enlarges the appearance of my eyes in a natural way but adding a hint of color which makes my eyes stand out more. To […]

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NEO Glamour Series – Green

November 28, 2010

This is my review for the NEO glamour series in Green. NEO lenses are my all time favorite circle lens brand, they are a tad more expensive than other brands as they contain a higher percentage of water content as compared to other brands, so they are really comfortable to wear and as for me, […]

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