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Freshkon Colored Contact Lenses – Hippie Chestnut Review

by Reika on January 19, 2011

Freshkon is a very common contact lenses brand that you can find at any optometry shop. Most people may not be aware that not only do they make contact lenses but they also carry a few lines of circle lenses!

The lines they have are:

Freshkon @ alluring eyes: This line only comes in different patterns of blacks and browns, they look extremely natural on the models.

Freshkon @ color fusions: I bought quite a few different shades from this line recently. Strictly speaking, they are not circle lenses, the optometrist would tell you they are colored contact lenses. However being an Asian with relatively smaller iris compare to the Caucasians, I find they have an enlargement effect. The diameter of these lenses from this range is 14.2, which is the same as my favourite Neo Circle lenses.

Okay, my first review for Freshkon would be the Hippie Chestnut. Amazingly, this name is a very true description of the color, it just looks like the chestnut color! If I really have to describe them in my own words, it would be a light brown with a greenish-brown undertone. Okay, pictures speak louder than thousands of words.


Freskon Colors Fusion in Hippie Chestnut

My thought on Hippie Chestnut is they are extremely comfortable to wear (actually all Freshkon lenses are due to the 55% water content!). They definitely do make my eyes appear larger and brighter, in a natural way as I would prefer. They also photograph really well, however in real life, I do prefer it to be a slightly warmer brown (with more of an orange-hazel tone).


Freshkon Colors Fusion Hippie Chestnut-Day Light

The flash takes away the yellow tone, which makes them look even more greenish.


Freshkon colors fusion hippie chestnut-with flash


Freshkon colors fusion hippie chestnut closeup-with flash

I will do more reviews on the other Freshkon colored lenses that I have. I highly recommend the beginners to try them out as you can purchase Freshkon from your local optometrist. Most of them should be able to let you test a few pairs and decide on the shades you like, at a very small cost. More importantly, they will provide you some accurate advice in terms of handling and usage.

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Jill June 4, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Hi my name is Jill & I need to ask you a question since you seem to know so much about the doll eyes contact lenses. I’m Caucasian & I was just curious if I should get 16 in diameter or 14-15 is better?! And which brand would you recommend is the best in that size or that you’ve had good experience with?! Thank you, I appreciate it!


Reika June 10, 2011 at 5:48 am

Hi Jill, if you are new to circle lens I suggest you to start with 14-15, as the bigger the diameter the less the oxygen it goes through, as a result your eyes will feel very irritated and dry.
Freshkon, Freshlook and Acuvue are the most comfortable circle lense, but their diamters are only up to 14..
NEO makes lenses from 14-15, and they are by far the most comfortable.


Hanners June 20, 2011 at 9:28 pm

Hi there, I was wondering if you could tell me which brands of FreshKon are actually circle lens and how big they are. Please and thankyou!


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