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Celebrities with circle lenses

by Reika on March 7, 2011

Circle lens has become the must have accessory for most Asian celebrities.  Just like clothes and handbags, I am sure all of you girls would like to check out what are the circle lenses the celebrities like to wear. I will feature a series of posts showing what they have been wearing lately.

Angelababy normally wears light brown colored circle lenses –  it is refreshing to see her wearing black lenses.

angelababy-circle-lens-1Angelababy in chocolate brown circle lens:

angelababy-circle-lens-2Angelababy in light brown circle lens:

angelababy-circle-lens-3Fan Bing Bing in dark gray circle lens:


Jolin Tsai in dark blue circle lens:


Lastly, the best selling circle lens goes to the dark green circle lens worn by Fei Wang when she was performing at Chinese New Year.


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