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Bi Joie Hollywood Eyelashes

by Reika on March 4, 2011

If you prefer your eyes to be more dolly looking, then Japanese false eyelashes is the answer to your quest. There are lots and lots of Japanese brands that make beautiful lashes at  very affordable prices, I will talk about them in my future review posts. In short, they have a large variety of cute styles that guarantee to make your eyes appear more dolly looking.

Today I am wearing this design by Bi Joie. The lashes in the middle are thicker and longer hence it would make your eyes look much rounder. I wish I had bought more of these as I am up to my last pair now..

This is a picture of what the lashes look like:


Bi Joie Hollywood false eyelashes - dolly looking style

Unfortunately I lost the original packaging of this one, this is what the box looks like. (but with a different style)


Bi Joie Hollywood Eyelashes packaging

On my eyes:


The quality of Bi Joie Hollywood eyelashes is on par with those of expensive brands. They feel very soft and light. I also did an eye makeup tutorial for this look, click here to see how I did it.


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