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March 2011

I could not be happier with Freshkon color fusions lenses in groovy green. It is the perfect green I have been searching for a while now.



When it comes to colored circle lenses, I much prefer the natural looking ones than the opaque ones. Freshkon groovy green lenses blend in with my natural dark brown eyes , yet it makes my eyes noticeably green. Unlike the NEO glamour green which is almost like a brownish-green that could be too natural looking  (click here for my review), Freshkon groovy green adds a perfect hint of green to my eyes, and I would still be comfortable wearing them out without feeling fake or looking too anime-ish.


Freshkon Groovy Green - natural lighting


Freshkon Groovy Green - with flash


close up - natural lighting

In terms of enlargement effect and comfort, please read my previous Freshkon posts.


False eyelashes are huge in Asia now. Girls no longer wear them for special occasions only, they have seamlessly incorporated into their everyday makeup routines now. There are endless styles of false eyelashes to choose from – my inspiration always come from what style the Asian celebrities like to wear.. I like to share them with you all.

Aimee Sun – she is the daughter of the richest man in Taiwan, known as the Asian version of Paris Hilton. however she is a lot more classier.


Aimee favorite False Eyelashes

Elva! Girls in Asia love her eye makeup as much as loving her music.   She is the false eyelashes queen in Asia.


Elva favorite False Eyelashes

Ayumi, not only she is the queen of j-pop, she is also the trend setter for eye makeups in Japan.


Ayumi favorite False Eyelashes

Leah Dizon, with her rising popularity, her style and makeup has been featured in numerous fashion and beauty magzines in Asia.


Leah Dizon Favorite False Eyelashes

Lastly, who doesn’t like Lena?!  She is one of the most iconic models for Vivi magazine.


Lena Favorite False Eyelashes


Celebrities with circle lenses

by Reika on March 7, 2011

Circle lens has become the must have accessory for most Asian celebrities.  Just like clothes and handbags, I am sure all of you girls would like to check out what are the circle lenses the celebrities like to wear. I will feature a series of posts showing what they have been wearing lately.

Angelababy normally wears light brown colored circle lenses –  it is refreshing to see her wearing black lenses.

angelababy-circle-lens-1Angelababy in chocolate brown circle lens:

angelababy-circle-lens-2Angelababy in light brown circle lens:

angelababy-circle-lens-3Fan Bing Bing in dark gray circle lens:


Jolin Tsai in dark blue circle lens:


Lastly, the best selling circle lens goes to the dark green circle lens worn by Fei Wang when she was performing at Chinese New Year.



Bi Joie Hollywood Eyelashes

by Reika on March 4, 2011

If you prefer your eyes to be more dolly looking, then Japanese false eyelashes is the answer to your quest. There are lots and lots of Japanese brands that make beautiful lashes at  very affordable prices, I will talk about them in my future review posts. In short, they have a large variety of cute styles that guarantee to make your eyes appear more dolly looking.

Today I am wearing this design by Bi Joie. The lashes in the middle are thicker and longer hence it would make your eyes look much rounder. I wish I had bought more of these as I am up to my last pair now..

This is a picture of what the lashes look like:


Bi Joie Hollywood false eyelashes - dolly looking style

Unfortunately I lost the original packaging of this one, this is what the box looks like. (but with a different style)


Bi Joie Hollywood Eyelashes packaging

On my eyes:


The quality of Bi Joie Hollywood eyelashes is on par with those of expensive brands. They feel very soft and light. I also did an eye makeup tutorial for this look, click here to see how I did it.