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February 2011

MAC Eyelashes 21 Review

by Reika on February 25, 2011

My quest for the perfect false eyelashes can stop right now, as I have found this baby – MAC false eyelash in 21.


Mac False Eyelash 21


As soon as I saw these eyelashes I knew they would be perfect on me. The length is not too long for someone like me who doesn’t have extremely long lashes to begin with, and the lashes are so densely packed. They are adding incredible volume to my existing lashes whilst still looking natural. My eyes instantly appear more defined and bigger. I was totally amazed at the result when I wore them the first time.


MAC False Eyelash 21_pic 1


Some pictures from different angles:


MAC flase eyelash 21- at different angles

Some before and after comparison shots. It is very obvious how much bigger my eyes appear with the lashes on.


Before and After

Applying these falsies are not as easy as applying the other MAC ones. The two ends tend to stick out a bit because the band is quite stiff to begin with, so before applying them, make sure you flex the band to soften it up.


Acuvue Define Circle Lens

by Reika on February 23, 2011

If I could only wear 1 pair of circle lens for the rest of my life, it would be the Acuvue Define in Accent Style without a second thought. Just make sure you get them from respectable retailers.

I have used tons of circle lenses and this is by far my absolute favorite. So what makes Acuvue Define lenses stand out from the competition:

1. Acuvue advertised these lenses to be so safe and comfortable that you can even take a nap in them! I never buy into advertisements but I can honestly say they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE circle lens with my hand on my heart. Their unique technology guarantees comfortable wear all day long. Personally I don’t feel there is anything in my eyes when I wear them, actually there has been a few occasions that I totally forgot I had them on!

2. They are the most natural looking lenses. Sometimes less is more. The design of these lenses is really simple, it only has a dark ring that adds definition and sparkles to your eyes. The design is nothing attractive if you compare them with other fancy lenses in the market. On eyes, they just blended in with my natural eyes perfectly. The enlargement is so subtle and natural that no one has ever noticed of them.


The diameter is 14.2.acuvue-define-accent-style-lenses

They appear medium black under natural lighting:


Acuvue Define Accent Style - natural lighting

With flash or under direct sun light, they appear brownish black


Acuvue Define Accent Style_with flash


Acuvue Define Accent style_close up shot

3. Daily disposable. This is really convenient as I am tired of cleaning my lenses and lens cases all the time, and keeping track of their expiry dates.

The only drawback I can think of would be the price. They cost around $40 per box  and contain 30 lenses, which is equivalent to 15 days of wear. It can be quite costly if you wear circle lenses everyday.


Koji Eyelashes

by Reika on February 15, 2011

I’ve been wanting to try false lashes that wing out towards the outer corner for a long time. Of all the ones I have seen, from Mac, illamasqua and Shu Uemura, they are all too long and too dramatic for my liking. Finally today I came across a pair of Koji false eyelashes which is in the exact style I am after, and is at the perfect length for me.



A brief intro on Koji eyelashes, it is a Japanese brand, they have at least 4 different lines of false eyelashes including the best selling Koji Dollywink eyelashes, Takako eyelashes and etc.

As you can see in my pictures, these lashes really elongate my eyes as it gives an effect of an extended lash line. The style to me is still quite dramatic, it is definitely one of those lashes which would look better with a more dramatic or smoky eye makeup. I can imagine how sexy and flirty they would look if they are paired with cat eye makeup. Koji false eyelashes are always very comfortable to wear, although the band is slightly thicker for my liking, it is still very soft and flexible and conforms to the shape of your eyes.







On a side note, I have switched from my all time favourite Duo glue to Koji Eyelash Fix glue, just for a change.

koji eyelash fix glue

koji eyelash fix glue

I have to say I am quite impressed with it. We all know once we apply the glue on lashes, we have to wait for 30-60 seconds till it gets tacky before applying, right. With this Koji glue, I didn’t have to wait. I can use it straight away and it stays put all day! It is a big bonus for people like me who have no patience.